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Sum Function not working

Sam Thomas

New Member
Hello guys,

I have got an excel file in that sum function is not working, even if I copy the numbers to a new file the same thing happens, but if I input new numbers then sum function is working Can anyone tell me the issue?


New Member

Please could you explain what you mean by "not working". ie does it come up with the wrong answer or just stay as the formula being displayed etc?


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Sounds like a few things to check

1. Make sure there are no hidden Rows/Columns in your data area

2. Check that all the numbers are actually numbers and not text. Often numbers or tables copied off the web or even copied and pasted from Access are Text not numbers. Easiest way to fix is to paste a number 1 some where and copy it. Then paste special and Multiply as values

3. Make sure calculation is turned to Automatic

Let us know how you go with the above