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Structured references acting as if turned off - why?

Discussion in 'Ask an Excel Question' started by Peter Bartholomew, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Peter Bartholomew

    Peter Bartholomew Well-Known Member

    This is a problem I have encountered with spreadsheets downloaded from this forum.

    If the workbook contains lists held as a column of ordinary cells, I often convert them to Tables to provide me with a reference notation I am comfortable with. What I have noticed is that clicking on a cell or field heading then gives me references in the A1 notation rather than the structured references I am expecting.

    I have checked Options / Formulas and confirmed that the option box “Use table names in formulas” is checked. I can still type the structured reference but that is not much of a consolation. Has anyone else encountered this?

    Do you know what causes it to happen?
  2. Chihiro

    Chihiro Excel Ninja

    Do you have specific example?
  3. Peter Bartholomew

    Peter Bartholomew Well-Known Member


    Thanks for your reply. You have already provided me with an answer :awesome:!

    I took the Vehicle No. file and reproduced the problem. When I tried to save it prior to uploading, I noticed that it was an .xls format file. Once I move beyond 2003 things work once more :DD.

    I wonder whether some of the questions are posed by people still using Office 1997-2003? References to Power Query in a reply might not cut it :oops:.

    [Too many :DD:oops::rolleyes:, I know]
    GraH - Guido and Marc L like this.
  4. Marc L

    Marc L Excel Ninja

    Surfing on several VBA forums,
    yes there are people under 2003 or below versions … :cool:

    +90% of my VBA demonstrations are written and tested under Excel 2003
    even if the original poster has an upper version … :rolleyes:
  5. Peter Bartholomew

    Peter Bartholomew Well-Known Member

  6. GraH - Guido

    GraH - Guido Well-Known Member

    Version used should be a mandatory information in a thread. Indeed lots of people are using (very) old versions, also to my surprise Peter. Office may not be that cheap for all I guess. And I could still do with version 97 at home. Hmm, not so true, I would miss slicers, sparklines, Power Query... :DD
    Btw, I also learned here, thanks to Vletm, PQ is not for Mac users.
    Marc L, that is impressive.

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