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Store Dynamic cell data to Static


New Member
I have a excel sheet which contains all the employee data, all the sheet are mapped to master sheet. In the master sheet I have the overall score that cell value will change when the employee updates his profile in the upcoming months but I need a time graph chat to see the employee overall score. since the overall score is dynamic I couldn't get the time graph so can you please let me know if there is any way to store the dynamic cell data and frame a time graph. If so can you please help me . Thanks .


Excel Ninja
Please, reread Forum Rules
... and after that, answer Yourself could anyone else have clear image of Your writing?
Yes -- You have an Excel-file ... I could write that - me too.
Many things are possible, but without Your sample Excel-file, Your case would have some challenges ... or how?
The sample file should have same layouts with sample data as well as expected results.