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Status if not yes and within 7 days


I need to be able to instantly know of a project is at risk by not receiving details within 7 days of install

I have added an example
In column N, I want it to show "check"
if the install date in P is within the next 7 days (and gone past the date in P (if possible)
of M does not say Yes

I am struggling with the date bit
once I have that I can set conditional formatting to highlight even more



how about

you could use the formula as a conditional format and change a cell colours based on that - no need to fill another cell to use conditional formatting



I have implement this
=IF(AND(P6<=$B$3+7,M6<>"Yes"), "check", " ")
which seems to be working, However how can I change it that if P6 is Blank then still " " ?
so in N if P is empty do nothing


Excel Ninja
Your However how can I change it that if P6 is Blank then still " " ?
If P6 is empty then ... N6 is empty too.
... what else would You show - if P6 is empty?