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Stack bar chart from multiple sheets, and dynamic multiple calculated criteria


New Member
The set up:
I have a data set (example attached) that I update daily by appending new rows. There are two tabs of data (Prof and Meas) and one tabl for charting (Pareto). For the data tabs, column B and C are the same. Column B contains a discriminator (WO Number). Column C is the unique identifier for that row. When sorting A-Z on column C, both tabs will be identical for both values. In each tab the data is arranged in columns that contain variable numeric data. Each line is a unique item. In row 1, I have created a countif statement to count the cells in a given column and sum them if the value is outside of a a given range. (i.e. =COUNTIF(H3:H5492,">3.793")+COUNTIF(H3:H5492,"<3.789"). In the a Pareto tab I pull together the countif values to build a pareto chart. This is all working good, but it does not provide the ability to give a count by column B.

What I am trying to do with this data:
I would like to be able to do everything above, but have the chart data displayed in stack bars based on the WO Number. I routinely add new lines (grouped by new WO numbers) so somehow I need this to be dynamic in the recognition of a change in WO number and the added lines.

I truly appreciate any help that can be provided.