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Splitting the big table into smaller ones


New Member
Hello everyone,

I have been looking but haven't found how to transport data from one big table to more smaller ones. In specific - I want to split it into more smaller pieces.

I manually did it so you can see what I want to do automatically:

I want to separate this bigger table into smaller ones by the same criterias (name;surename) ?

Thanks in advance.


Excel Ninja
My recommendation. Change how your data is stored.

Merged range is nothing more than visual fluff, and it will cause all kinds of headache when you try to tranform, extract or analyze data.
Never use merged range, unless it's the very last step to make it visually appealing.... Even then, I'd avoid it as much as possible and use center across selection formatting instead.

At any rate, I can't tell from your sample what criteria or logic is used to get subset of info from larger set.


New Member
Hi Stanoje,

The attachment works for the format you have shown, I am having a problem with the line to set the column width for the titles for some reason (it is commented out for the moment).

Let me know if you work out why it won't function correctly.

In the workbook just select the range containing the tables to split and press the button.