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split pdf file


New Member

I had a code a while back that would split a pdf from pages x to y based on column A1 and B1.

For example:

A1 B1 C1
1 5 "Charlie"
6 9 "Mickey"

The VBA would split the pdf from page 1 - 5 and rename it "Charlie", and then 6 - 9 and rename it "Mickey". My old computer went KAPLUNK and I don't remember how I even did this anymore, and its been awhile.

Ideally, my wish code would be to do this in excel....

1. be able to select the pdf file
2. identify a key word in the pdf file and know to split it to that page and continue on until it gets to the end.

For example pdf invoice some pages have 2 pages some have 1, and some have 3, but at the end of each invoice is a key word "Total Invoice Amount", then it splits to that point and proceed on.

Thanks for any help!!!! Everyone here is incredibly awesome and so helpful. Appreciated it so very much.