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Specialised Portfolio or Project Gantt Chart


New Member

Just joined this awesome site today and got the Portfolio Pack.

I am a programme planner for various projects/activities which concerns people attending public court hearings in 100 legal courts nationwide. I have a need to monitor all hearing dates, submission of petitions and progress of prep work prior to the public hearings.

I was wondering if the gantt chart will be able monitor multiple WBS (i.e multiple sub tasks). And if I wanted to just check on one particular legal court.

1 Legal Court #1
1.1 Submit Plan A
1.2 Submit Plan B
1.3 add entry for new submissions
1.4 add entry for new submissions
2 Legal Court # 2
2.1 Submit Plan A
2.2 Submit Plan B
2.3 add entry for new submissions
2.4 add entry for new submissions

--- up to
87 Legal Court # 87
87.1 Submit Plan A
87.2 Submit Plan B
87.3 add entry for new submissions
87.4 add entry for new submissions

I currently do not need to monitor budgets, just weekly schedules, resource time (how much are they working on a per week basis with red as over100% utilisation, timeline for three months)

Would appreciate any advise please.