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Sort with VBA


New Member
Hello excel experts.........

today i am facing a problem in sort the data........

i am upload a excel file
please see "Sheet1" it has some data from A1 to A15 after this some blank rows exist....... here i want
1. Copy the Heading from A1 to H1 and paste it in A25 to H25
2. Then sort the data according to D_Code (Col-E) and it should be done when i Click on Commandbutton3
3. After sort we have data of 4 employees which have D_Code 61, now here copy the data from DD Sheet and paste it in Sr. No.5
3. After that make a total of Col-F thats it



New Member
What you mean and paste it in Sr. No.5
Oh Sorry......after sort the data according to the Col-E the 3 employees which have d_code (61) showing after this copy the data from A2 to G2 from DD sheet and paste it in after 3employees which have 61 D_code.