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Skyscraper chart in Excel


Is it possible to do Burj Khalifa chart in Excel for division performance.

Div A -100% revenue achievement
Div B -80% revenue achievement
Div C - 60% revenue achievement
Div D -40% revenue achievement
Div E - 70% revenue achievement

Please advise.Eagerly waiting for your esteem advise.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
A Burj Khalifa chart, formerly known as a Birthday or Wedding Cake chart is definitely possible


See attached file for details

It is simply a Stacked Column Chart



New Member
Can I ask, for which case would you use this chart? Does the width of each of the colors have significance?


New Member
If yes, then what is the meaning of the width? I find it visually confusing that the lowest scoring division has the largest surface area, but maybe I am reading it wrong?