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Single Value or digit assign into require value


New Member
Dear Experts,

As per attachment, i have to assign a single value into different product so that i get the minimum value of any product.
it is great help for me ............




Well-Known Member
You have not provided any explanation of what is the original data? what is the expected result? Which sheet represents what? This may all be clear to you, but without an explanation of what you want, we cannot help. No crystal balls here.


New Member
Dear Alan,

Thx for response....:)
Please go to the attachment....
I have already mentioned working data and require result...


Well-Known Member
Sorry, but your workbook does not explain anything. Two sheets and no explanation of what you wish to happen. Which sheet is the original and which sheet is the expected output. I am not a mind reader. What is clear to you is not to me. If you wish additional help, then explain yourself using your example, otherwise, I am out of here and someone else can attempt to solve your riddle.