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show monthly and quarterly data on the same line chart


New Member
Hi. I'm new. I' not yet weaned off the old Office 2003 Excel which I liked a lot.. Too bad. Anyway, some investments I have show gains by month, others show by quarter. I'd like to combine so that the line chart shows all results, 4 monthly points for the quarterly reporting, 12 points for monthly. Also, it would be nice to know the easiest way to add future quarterly or monthly data without having to reconstruct the whole graph.

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
Hello @tomjake,

Firstly, a warm welcome to the forum. Please read the forum rules (link in my signature): sample data file is highly recommended.

Something like this? See attached. The table is your solution for not reconstructing the graph. It's random and dummy data (using RANDBETWEEN) so it's changes at each update.