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Show DAX both in rows and columns


I have this report built with regular Excel fórmulas:


I need to replicate this report with Pivot Table.
I was able to do it, but I have this problem:

I have DAX measures for Margin (gross, net and %) which you can see in rows.
I was able to show them on pivot table rows without problem.

Then I have DAX measures for Variance (absolut and %) which you can see in columns.
But when I try to show these variances in pivot table columns I can´t.

Seems like DAX can only be rows or columns and not both! :eek:

Is it possible? Any solution for this?

You can see attached example

Thanks in advance for any help



Excel Ninja
You have no row label field. As is, DAX measure's name will be supplied as Row labels.
Meaning, that there is no row context for DAX measures to be evaluated on.

You'll need some other table (dimension) to supply row label context.
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