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Short gig - Need help to combine 2 live trackers

Discussion in 'Excel Jobs, consulting gigs & freelancing' started by SekharS, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. SekharS

    SekharS New Member

    I am looking to combine 2 'live' spreadsheet trackers into one.
    Example as attached: Test_A.xlsx & Test_B.xlsx , are maintained by 2 separate teams.
    My aim is create a mirrored data from these 2 into, another tab of one of these 2 trackers, and then publish it as a HTML report, upon every save. For ex: the mirror tab may reside in Test_A.xlsx.
    On the 'mirror' I want data from 1st team appear & after the first blank row (without any data) is encountered) data from 2nd team should appear.
    Each row in a spreadsheet denotes a project, which will be deleted & moved to another tab, when completed.
    Both spreadsheet files are hosted on SharePoint.

    I tried a formula available on web & tweaked to my needs.
    See attached 'Combined_Sample.xlsx'.
    Here essentially - I am trying to combine data as described above.

    While that's technically working; I will be working with 2 separate spreadsheets hosted on SharePoint (as against 2 tabs in this),it is prompting me an input selection for a new file. See 'prompt.png'.
    And that's not acceptable for my need, as I want them to work seamlessly, than input something every time data entered/modified.

    Hope I was able to convey my need clearly.
    Appreciate any questions.

    Attached Files:

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