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Share Interactive Dashboard


Good afternoon. With the help from this forums members I have developed some nice dashboards. Now when I try to share these dashboards and allow users to interact with it I'm finding that I can't. How can I share the dashboard with users, allow them to use the drop down lists and on the back end, enter data that updates the dashboard for them? I'm perplexed.
Thanks for your time,


Excel Ninja
Why You cannot?
What indications do You get while You're trying to share?
How do You try to share those?
Where do You try to share those?
Can You share one of those here? (with Sample data)


I have my dashboards in Excel 2016. When I try to use One Drive and then Excel Online it will send the selected sheet but not allow any of the dynamic drop downs list or charts to work. I understand now that Share is very limited, but how can I do this?



Excel Ninja
So You can but, You mean that those won't work as with You.
1) Protect Your file
2) 'Share' = copy those files as You've done
3) Ask other users download files
Use those files from Your own computer as normally 'from OneDrive-folder'.
Ask other users also 'connect' Your named OneDrive to their own computers.
(There are clear instructions how to do that.)
Then all uses could use those files as 'normal'-file.
You can edit those files from Your computer and those files would update to OneDrive for everyones use.