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Setting up the correct auto-populated helper columns for dependent drop down lists.


New Member
Hello All,

I am trying to extract data from one table and auto populate it into helper columns in another area. Then I would like to have 5 drop down lists using the auto-populated helper columns as their data source. The drop down lists are Brands, Type, Subtype, Product, and Size. The 3rd list (Subtype) is dependent on the 2nd list (Type). The 4th list (Product) is dependent on BOTH the 3rd list (Subtype) and the 2nd list (Type). And the 5th list (Size) is dependent on the 4th list (Product). So the right selections need to show up, depending on the selections made.

I am having trouble with how to set up the auto populated data so that the correct drop down list selections will show up.
I have looked around online and found a workbook that someone posted a few years ago. I tried to tweak that to my own needs, but had trouble doing so.

If someone would be able to fix everything to what I am trying to accomplish, or if someone has a different way of setting it up, I would really appreciate your help.

I included the original workbook I found online just in case it had a better idea of what the original person was trying to do ("Original" file).
The changes I made to it with my data are on the file "Workbook with my Data".

Thank you very much!