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Separate Text and Codes in one row



Hello Genius people,

I am in trouble, I have a dataset with multiple codes in one row and I want to put all codes in one row and all the text separately.

You can see the example below:-

[G10005]Power - Wired charging issue,[G10016]Audio - Btm Speaker low sound,[G10044]Cellular - Cannot send or receive msgs

G10005|G10016|G10044 - Power - Wired charging issue|Audio - Btm Speaker low sound|Cellular - Cannot send or receive msgs

Please see the attachment,

with the help of Power query or Excel if possible.

Please also suggest any possible sources.

Thank you.




  • Excel Problem.xlsx
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Do any of your text descriptions contain a comma? It seems your delimiters are not consistent and fixing that I suspect will be more complicated if it is not ok to just replace commas with pipe symbols.


Your suggest any possible sources.
Take care datas delimiters as well as variations.
... If there will be more than two of those then this will give ... something ... unwanted.
Press [ Do It ]-button.


  • Excel Split.xlsb
    23.5 KB · Views: 5
Power Query in attached at cell A14.
It uses only the [ and ] characters to determine where to extract the text from. Consequently it leaves some commas in. It's not perfect.


  • Chandoo56134Excel Problem.xlsx
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