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Self destruction vba code

I have resigned from my old Job. Now my bosses son is forcing me to give him the excel Template sheets which I've created with my hard work by online research & from the help which i got from VLTEM, BELLEKE ETC. on Chandoo.org.
I've got a one months notice. so, i'm looking for another job.
Actually they are going back on their word to give me an increment.
The files which i'll be giving them are simple Sales/purchase Order, Credit /Debit Note templates. There will be no sensitive data in them. But i don't want them to use the files for long.
So, i want him to have those files, but the files should self destruct after a certain date.
One personal question if you guys don't mind, "Is this wrong"?


Active Member
Either let them have the files, or don't, but do not use any form of time bomb.
If you developed those files during working hours, then they may well belong to your employer anyway. Just depends on your country's laws.

Marc L

Excel Ninja
As it depends on your country laws and on the exact 'title' - description - of your job …​
If totally developped at home, it may be yours but if partially created at work, the templates belong to the company.​
If the exact description of your job does not mention you as a developer​
so you may give them templates after removing the VBA procedures & buttons accordingly …​
… but be care of the laws and the legal capacity of the company to go to court.​
Another point to not forget is sometimes when you are lookin' for a new job​
a company can take information about you from the companies you worked for …​
As this thread has nothing to do with the purpose of the VBA forum so moved to a more appropriate one.​
Sorry, Enthusiast, you're 0 for 3 on this. If it's wrong for your employer to cheat you, then it's wrong for you to cheat them. That's ignoring the fact that it's probably a crime as well.