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Self destruct template?


New Member
It sounds a bit silly, I know.
But the thing is, that as a consultant, I bring to my clients many templates they can use 'during' the time I work for them.
Many clients want to keep using my templates but unfortunately, I also experience that my templates get copied and shared without my permission or compensation for the hours, weeks and months of work I put in them.

Therefore, my question is;
"Is there a way that I can put;
  1. a time limit on usage of the template? (e.g. expiry date, after which it can no longer be used or opened)
  2. a self destruct (hehehe:eek::cool:) so that the template can no longer be used?
  3. a lock with encryption that changes every 3 months or so?
  4. a 'tab' lock (other than the general 'protect/unprotect'?
  5. a code or formula that prevents sharing or copying?
Or some other mechanism I am not aware of?

Any help would be appreciated.....


Excel Ninja
... and as written in the end of that page
Note that this will not work if the user has disabled VBA code or has set the Application.EnableEvents property to False.