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Selecting the lowest value

Hello to all the experts,

I have attached the file for more clarity. Please look at the file to follow my question-

I have some duplicate item numbers in the sheet; I only want to keep the items with lower qty on hand. For example, Item number 100-00373 is listed twice (row 5 and 6), one is 307, and another one is 258, I want to keep 258 and delete the other line from the file. I want to do this for all the duplicate lines.

Please suggest some easy way as I am currently doing it manually.




Marc L

Excel Ninja
Hi !​
Easy very beginner way just using Excel basics in two steps :​
  1. Sort the data by item & by value
  2. Use the Data Excel feature Remove duplicates on item column …


Active Member
What is the problem in that ?!!!!
Because from the beginning I tried to put vba code ,but after that it’s didn’t work as well-as I want

Marc L

Excel Ninja
No needs apologies as no offence, you are welcome Fluff13 on this forum where your help is well appreciated …​