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Search specific Numbers with Different criteria


Hello All
My search criteria will be =right(range,7) for B4 and B3 will be for =left(range,3)
If B3 is blank than all numbers will be show off in result column other than only specific code numbers will appears!
Xx, yy, zz will be always different (mean it cannot be similar) for column c & for column D results %, Xx, yy, zz these all will be different!

If I simply type in B4 any number than It will show all numbers in range A which are they have in it in
Below are examples actually what I am trying to achieve, my criteria can be different for search but code should work in all aspects.

% it will stand as any number, could be any 0 to 9
xx,yy,zz any same 2 numbers, could be any 00 to 99
xxx,yyy,zzz any same 3 numbers,could be any 000 to 999
xxxx,yyyy,zzzz any same 4 numbers,could be any 0000 to 9999
Below are some examples
%%%xxx% first three any digits than any 3 same digit than again any digit
xxxyyy% first 3 same digits than again 3 same digits than any digit
xyxyxy% like 121212% or 232323% or 454545% ect ect
%xyxyxy like %565656 or %787878 or %525252 ect ect
xy%xyxy 45%4545 or 94%9494 or 35%3535 ect ect
xxyyzz% first two two 3 pairs than any digit
%xxyyzz first any digit than 3 two two pairs
%7888xx first any digit than as mentioned than two same digits
%%%1213 first three any numers than as mentioned
%%%xyxz like %%%1016, %%%0203, %%%7879
abcabc% 123123% or 456456% or 789789%(last will be any)
%abcabc %567567 first will be any
please review wbk for more examples !

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