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Search data in column or row on VBA search engine


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Hello guys, can somebody help me. So i made a search engine that can search data by keyword. so there is a bit problem and I couldn't fixed it.
so for example, I choose region "Surabaya" Then it will be show all the data in sheet Surabaya, as you can see in top 3 of data there is 3 rows that containing word "Jack" but one of them in "First Name" Column.
so if i'm trying to searching data "jack" for example, im writing in keyword textbox but it's only shown data in column "surname" but we know that there is another word "jack" in column "firstname" too.
so this case, I want to find the data/keyword in any column or rows, like this.. Is it possible for me to do this??

I also include the file and code, Thanks in advance.


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I would not use VBA. I would do this in Power Query. First I would restructure your tables to include the headers. They currently do not. Then I would add a column to indicate the region. This is currently absent. Then I would Load the three tables to Power Query by going to Data, Get and Transform Data, From File and then select your three tables. Once you have the three tables in the Power Query Editor, Append them to each other. Then build a Parameter Query with two filter functions. Name and Region. This will then provide the results you require. You can close and load to a particular spreadsheet page/tab. No coding required. Can all be done in the User Interface.