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Search box with conditional formatting partial matches highlight cell


New Member
Hi Everyone,

This is probably a simple question for most, but I'm absolutely stuck.

I have a qualitative data set where I need to quickly see all the cells (not rows) highlighted that contain certain terms.

I can create a searchbox with exact matches with "=A4=$B$1", but I can't seem to make it do a partial match.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks :)


New Member
Hi Ken, Thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately, this just gives me an error. Any other ideas perhaps?


New Member
Hi Ken, thanks again for the quick response. Unfortunately, it's still giving me an error. Due to the nature of the research, I can't share the file. But, does the 'ISNUMBER' also relate to words?


Excel Ninja
The formula ISNUMBER("19"), "19" is not converted from a text value to a number value, and the ISNUMBER function returns FALSE.

Cannot You even share a sample Excel-file?