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Search box in User Form displaying results in a List box


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Regards to you all
I am contending with a challenge that has left me confused over the last couple of days. The scenario is we have an Excel Sheet named Purchases and a second Sheet named Search Results. I have created a simple User form whose primary function is to facilitate the search of Purchase Receipt Nos using a text box and results are displayed in the list box. Basically what happens is that having entered the desired receipt no the user clicks the Search button and the results are transferred to a dynamic named range in the Search Results sheet and there by displayed in the List box. The basic search seems to work alright but if I enter a blank or none existing Receipt No it still displays something instead of the desired message: "You have entered a Blank Entry or No Purchase Receipt Number matching your Entry was found." I just can’t figure out where I am going wrong with my If Statement. The Clear button simply clears the text and list box for a fresh entry.
Will appreciate any willing direction or assistance in tweaking my existing code that will enable the application to properly respond when a blank or none existing entry is entered.