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Scrolling Shape



I have a hurdle that I need to overtake, I have a shape which requires to be visible at all times, regardless if the user scrolls down the page or filters the same.

I have some different codes which positions the shape, but doesn't move.

Any help is very much appreciated

Kind regards,


Excel Ninja
Hi Portucale..

To float the same using SCROLL is lil bit difficult, you may have to use CLASS / API to track scroll movement..
However, if Selection change, it can be done..

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim r As Range
Set r = ActiveWindow.VisibleRange.Cells(1, "O")
  With Me.Shapes("Picture 2")
    .Top = r.Top
    .Left = r.Offset(0, 1).Left
  End With
End Sub