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Screwy Cells


New Member
Hey Folks,

I reuse a couple of spreadsheets every day; both of which are supplied with new data each day. The problem I'm having now is that Excel isn't updating the results of my calculations.

So for example if the first cell in the column is calculated as 123, and I double click the handle through the entire column, every cell in the column says 123, instead of whatever the calculated value should be.

I think it's perhaps a problem with my macros worksheet, but is there a simple fix for this?

My current solution is to F2 and Enter on every affected cell, but that's a pain after the first 100 or so cells.




New Member
Looks like you have set formula calculation to "manual" from "automatic" Go to tools>options and change the spreadsheet calculation mode to "automatic" from "calculation" tab. (in excel 2007, go to formulas ribbon and adjust calculation options).. If the problem persists, it could be due to macro. You can overcome this by selecting the range of cells and pressing F9 to recalculate the values. Or may be correct the macro...