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save filtered data as separate file with different name


New Member

I have problem with saving filtered data as separate file. I recorded macro and that works however it is saving everything as "book1" when I changed it to range the code tripped. the aim of this file is to compare extracts from fin programme to find new transactions, highlight them, filter and save filtered entries as separate file with today's date format eg. 10 February 2020
can anybody please help me to fix it?

ps I don't know how to add the code here correctly so I attach the test file. data is taken off for safety.

thank you



New Member
thank you for response. I have already used the mentioned example for other things but it would not work in this case.

Marc L

Excel Ninja
create first a new workbook then use filters - or better an advanced filter - to copy the data to the new workbook,​
it always works like this since last century !​