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Save Excel as Web Page (html) and filter table...how to achieve this?


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Thanking you in advance for your generous help and support...

I have a table like this (saved as web page, & viewed by browser)

My requirement is to be able to filter table on the web page

If possible, how can I achieve this?

I searched below by Google but want to know if there are better ways...

1. Use JavaScript

2. Use C# WPF

Thanking you in advance...
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Excel Ninja
There's many ways to go about this. But, I'd recommend one of following 2 method (especially 2nd).

1. JQuery plug-in
If you are hosting the page, this is probably the easiest route. Many are designed to work with Bootstrap and mobile device friendly. One example below.

2. JQuery Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Hosted script library that you can leverage. Read w3schools documentation for details.

You will add reference to CDN <script src="...."></script> for CDN of your choice (Microsoft & Google offer CDN, as well as code.jquery.com).
<script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.3.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://code.jquery.com/mobile/1.4.5/jquery.mobile-1.4.5.min.js"></script>
Note that in either case, you will need thead, tbody tag. Along with data attribute for each column in thead.

You can construct html table via VBA (there may be ready made code out there).

You can see sample set up/usage in link below.


Excel Ninja
See attached. This may not be exactly what you are looking for. But code will generate responsive html table from any table you choose on workbook. Just select any cell within table range when prompted.

Did not implement hide column function. To do that, you'd need to set "data-priority" in thead for each "th" tag (i.e. Column). In general you should have at least one column without "data-priority" to have it always visible.

Change oPath variable as needed (path\filename).



Excel Ninja
Here you go. This one is not as mobile friendly as the other one.

Also has added feature to sort based on each column and few other things.

Test and let me know if it works fine.
EDIT: "tfoot" tag is used as place holder, but using style, it's been appended just below "thead" instead of at bottom of the table. You can change this by removing following section from "Public Const htmlTop" located in Module2.

            "<style type=" & """" & "text/css" & """" & " class=" & """" & "init" & """" & ">" & vbNewLine & _
            "  tfoot {" & vbNewLine & _
            "      display: table-header-group;" & vbNewLine & _
            "  }" & vbNewLine & _
            "</style>" & vbNewLine
This got me thinking and...
I might be posting workbook sample in the Vault with option to choose between 2 filter types when exporting.

1. Dropdown like this one.
2. Each dropdown replaced with searchbox.

2nd option might be more desirable if there's large number of unique item in a column.



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Sorry for delay. It took me some time to digest what you shared with me.

1. Both of the files work just fine!

2. I prefer search box but drop-down list is also great.

This is really really helpful to my current requirement.
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!