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Save attachments from shared Outlook-Mailbox


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Hi together,

i have a VBA Macro which works excellent on my Main Outlook-Mailbox.
The Macro checks the subjects of the E-Mails and save the attachments on the Harddrive if it matches to a String to search for in the Code.
However, i need to use this Macro on a shared Outlook Mailbox. And here the trouble starts. I can't change the Macro to work on a other Inbox.
The Macro is only accessing my Main Inbox.

Where I can define the Mailbox i want to target?
Please see my Code below. For this example i'm looking for Mails with "Chandoo" in the Subject (for sure it can be everything else) :) .

Sub SaveMyAttachments()
Dim objOutApp As Outlook.Application
Dim objOutNameSpace As Namespace
Dim objOutMapi As MAPIFolder
Dim objOutMail As Variant
Dim lngz As Long
Dim lngCount As Long

Set objOutApp = New Outlook.Application
Set objOutNameSpace = objOutApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")
Set objOutMapi = objOutNameSpace.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)

For Each objOutMail In objOutMapi.Items

If objOutMail.Class = olMail Then
       With objOutMail
            lngCount = .Attachments.Count
            If lngCount > 0 And objOutMail.Subject = "Chandoo" Then
               For lngz = 1 To lngAnzahl
                   .Attachments.Item(lngz).SaveAsFile ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & .Attachments.Item(lngz).Filename
               Next lngz
            End If
       End With
    End If

Next objOutMail

MsgBox "It's Done!"

Set objOutMapi = Nothing
Set objOutNameSpace = Nothing
Set objOutApp = Nothing

End Sub
Somebody can help please?

Thanks in advance.

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