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Sankey charts in excel ?


New Member
HI, do you know a way to create this kind of sankey charts in excel ?



Excel Ninja
Staff member

You can use a Stacked Area chart to replicate this

You will need to have a row of data for each line and gap in the chart

and an extra row for the blank space below the bottom

Color each chart series the same except for the gaps

Delete the Axis, Grid lines and Legend etc

For each colored series add a Data Label and Change it to the series Name

I have put an example here



New Member

Thank you very much!!

I'll have to study your sample to fully understand it since I'm a newbie on excel.

Let's see if I can make these ones




Excel Ninja
Staff member

The 2 you just posted have cross-overs and can't be done as a simple chart in Excel.

The Power vs Fuel could sort-of be done if all the outputs were shown horizontally instead of 2 going vertical.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
You should check out:


Nice Job!

I Don't know how practical to put into a regular production system


New Member
Nice chart!

I looked at the site frow which I posted sankey diagrams above, sankey-diagrams.com

and there is a page with a list of software for making Sankey charts


There are two free, one for excel and another for matlab.
Hello Hui,

sorry to bother you on an old post. Do you still have the file Sankey_Chart.xlsx? The rapidshare link above seems not to work any longer.

(of course any updated or better info on how to create a Sankey chart in Excel (2013) is welcome as well)

yours, wouter


New Member
Creating Sankey Charts in excel is possible as well as easy but will need an external plugin or add-in tools. Poweruser is one of the best add-on tool that comes with lots of templates and also includes Sankey in it. Adding it in excel will let you create Sankey chart from tables.

Source: https:/ /mychartguide.com/how-to-draw-sankey-diagram-in-excel/

Shozab Mukhtar

New Member
Hello Kilele,

I would like to recommend you ChartExpo, It is very simple and easy to create charts in both MS Excel and Google Sheets and no coding skills required.

ChartExpo for Excel add-in:

ChartExpo for Google Sheets Add-on:
Sharing a video tutorial on How to create Sankey Diagram.

I am sure it would be helpful for you.