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Sales Quote spreadsheet


New Member
Here is what I've done so far, but would like to have an expert give a price to do it the right way. I have a web application which will create a sales quote. Once completed all of the data will be in our ERP system. I have a REST API which will send back JSON data to populate the spreadsheet.

I've created a Sales Quote spreadsheet from one I've download online. It's prettier than what I would usually do! It can be much better I'm sure. When the spreadsheet downloads from my web application, the spreadsheet uses the filename to make the REST call, sending the quote number back to our system. JSON data is returned and populates the spreadsheet.

A pivot table is probably necessary to show the data grouped the way we want it. A quote could be 1 item or 500 items. There will be groupings, sub-total and totals. We'd like to show our logo and a spot where we could place the potential customer's logo.



New Member
If there is a better way to do this, I'm open to it. Also, I'm sure someone can make this look more professional. There would probably be some legal term to place in here as well. Can that be on a different tab, but still print underneath this stuff?


Excel Ninja
Staff member
The legal stuff can be added as a Footer
Goto the Page Layout Tab