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Salary Arrear


New Member
Hello every one i am very new to this forum and I need some help. I need to make salary arrears of employees. with no allowences or increment in basic salary its only there due amount of past 3 months which is not paid yet. would any one help me in this regard I need a very simple type template


Excel Ninja
Hi welcome to the forum.

As a new user of the forum. Please read below.

Specifically "How to get the Best Results at Chandoo.org" section.

Without specific detail of how you are calculating things manually (i.e. mathematical logic) and how your raw data is arranged in the workbook. As well as your expected result (i.e. upload sample workbook with details). Since, we can't know your requirement without you telling us... all that we can do is to suggest you try google search and see if anything comes up that meet your need.

Ex: Search "excel salary arear template".