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RuntimeError 9, Subscript Out of range

Discussion in 'VBA Macros' started by Ashhu, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Ashhu

    Ashhu Active Member

    Dear Friends

    Please help me here,
    I am trying to copy data from one workbook to another.

    the source workbook from where i copy , i have option to choose and
    the destination folder workbook name is dynamic, so i save the file name and call in code.

    but it turns out to be some issue while i call for it and show up error.

    need help to locate prob.

    Code (vb):
    Sub RetrieveFileName()

    Dim sFileName As String
    Dim Destination As String

    Destination = ActiveWorkbook.FullName

    sFileName = Application.GetOpenFilename
    Workbooks.Open sFileName

    ActiveSheet.Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Copy Destination:=Workbooks(Destination).Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("a1")
  2. Marc L

    Marc L Excel Ninja


    Hi !

    As we can't obviously guess « some issue » (we are not mind readers !)
    so first check yourself the codeline where error occurs …
  3. Ashhu

    Ashhu Active Member

    I got this fixed, apologies for posting incomplete question.

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