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Run time Error 91 - Code Error

Hi Friends,

Need your help in highlighting my error for the below code.


'Define the variables in the sheet of the macros

Sheets(Acc).Visible = True

''Look in what row are the titles

Dim MRow As Integer: MRow = Cells.Find("MMS ID").Row 'Row of the macro where the titles are
RRow = RRow + 1
MRow = MRow + 1


Marc L

Excel Ninja
Hi !​
Easy error : no match ‼ And never use the Range.Find method like that,​
just follow the example within the VBA inner help which no needs On Error Resume Next …​
Easier if you transform your data to an Excel table !​
As a table object already knows where are its headers row and data range …​

Marc L

Excel Ninja
A sample from many threads of this forum using Find method :​