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Run time error 3704 operation not allowed when object is closed


I am using below code to update record based on ID but i am getting Runtime error 3704 can any one help me on this.

Private Sub LblAllot_Click()
Dim counter As Integer, cn As New ADODB.Connection, ssql14 As String
counter = 0
For i = 0 To lstClaimLineList.ListCount - 1
If lstClaimLineList.Selected(i - counter) Then
ssql14 = ("update Table1 set [Name] = 'agandhi' where ID = 2")
cn.Execute ssql14
End If
Next i
End Sub

Luke M

Excel Ninja
There are several objects/macros references in your sample that we have no insight to. Do you have a check to make sure that the query is returning at least 1 record? When you get the error message, what specific line is highlighted when you debug?


Excel Ninja
Hi Satish ,

Correct me if my understanding is wrong , but DB_Open_Connection is a subroutine , which is opening the database connection ; since you are declaring :

cn As New ADODB.Connection

within the parent procedure , even if the connection is opened in the subroutine , cn will never get a value ; when you return to the parent procedure and execute the statement :

cn.Execute ssql14

cn is not an open object.

You might have to rewrite your code either to make DB_Open_Connection a function so that you can have something like :

cn = DB_Open_Connection()

or pass cn as a parameter to the DB_Open_Connection procedure so that when you return to the parent procedure cn is available.