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Run The Same Macro On Multiple Worksheets At Same Time In dynamic Excel file?


New Member
Res all genius
can make a script for me in which I have a active worksheet call sheets("Master").
and in this worksheet I have some new sheets according to number of Row of sheets("master")
suppose In sheets("master") has total 3 rows but its a dynamic sheet in which number of row is dynamic so create a dynamic script here.

1. row is header
2. row is data
3. row is data
now I create 2 new sheets here sheets(2) is for Row(1, and 2) and sheets(3) for Row (1, and 3)
1. is sheets("master")
2. in sheets(2) I copy 1st and 2nd row of master
3. in sheets(3) I copy 1st and 3 row of master
now I want here active sheet is master sheet but all data of row 2 is capture in sheets(2)
And all data of row 3 is capture in sheets(3)
At present condition I run a same vba script for every sheet of my workbook. In example I explain only two new sheets. but I lost my most of time when I have 5orows or 100 rows in my master sheet

so please create a vba script for me In which active sheet is master sheet but its run for all of my new sheets with same vba script .