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Hiren Parekh

New Member
How would you perform an RTrim and LTrim in excel?

I am trying do this for a bunch of people names but do not want to use the trim function since it will trim spaces in between the first name, middle initial and the last name.

Thank you.

Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
I suspect that you do want the TRIM function but have misinterpreted what it does.
Internal spaces are not removed but, rather, are reduced to a single space. So, unless counting consecutive internal spaces is a key part of your algorithm, you will have what you need.


Excel Ninja
Otherwise to mimic what it is doing, you need to create an UDF like below.
Public Function ufLTRIM(strInput As String) As String
ufLTRIM = LTRIM(strInput)
End Function

Public Function ufRTRIM(strInput As String) As String
ufRTRIM = RTrim(strInput)
End Function
And then use like normal formula