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RPA -Robotic process automation

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Dear Team,
Currenly I am in role to create automation for my process. I am downloading the raw data from a internal web application and I am using excel application to do the analysis. I know using vba macros will help me to automate my process. However since I am new to vba coding, with the help of chanoo I am creating these automation.Recenlty I came to know about RAP Robotic process automation which does not require any vba coding. When I googled it I got few application which is helpful for automation. the list is given below.

    • UiPath
    • Automation Anywhere
    • Openspan
    • Leo
    • Foxtrot
    • Nice
    • Blue Prism
May I request your suggestion on the above list which would be more user friendly and which will help me to do the analysis for my business needs.


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

It is not clear as to what is the purpose of the automation you are talking of.

You say you are accessing the data from an internal web application ; if this data is in the format that Excel can easily handle , and if the data processing available through Excel is sufficient for your purposes , then why are you looking at other software ?

VBA is not really required for data analysis ; VBA is required where a formulae-based solution is either time-consuming or susceptible to user interference ; a user can change a formula , and you would not be any wiser.

Changes to VBA code can be done only by users who have some knowledge of coding , and hence , an application developed using VBA gives some kind of dependability as far as the reports are concerned.

Since only you know what your requirements are , only you can evaluate the listed software from the point of whether it satisfies your requirements of either comprehensiveness or user-friendliness or power/versatility.



Thanks Narayan.

Just to explain you about the requirement, The raw data will be available in the internal web applications. When ever I need the data I have to auto login to the application select the appropriate menu and the date range and download the data. The output will be in .csv format. I have to import it into excel to use them for the analysis. I am not sure whether I will be able to do these stuffs in excel it self. Is it possible to do these kind of stuff using vba ?

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Excel Ninja
Hi ,

You can write VBA to access a webpage , do the login ; selecting the appropriate menu and the date range may or may not be possible , but downloading the data , importing it into Excel should all be possible using VBA.

The points you should consider are :

1. How often do you perform these actions of accessing the webpage , logging in , selecting the appropriate data and data range , downloading the data and importing it into Excel ?

How much time does this take you to do everything manually ?

2. How much further data processing is to be done once the data is imported into Excel ?

How are you doing this data processing now ?

Is it satisfying all your existing requirements ?

Do you intend to do any additional data processing ?

Will Excel be able to satisfy these additional requirements ?

Based on your answers , you can decide whether to continue with Excel , or switch to other software.



Thank you Narayan. Frequency may vary for each report . Currently I have Monthly weekly daily hourly reports. I am using the excel application alone to do all kind of analysis. May I request your assistance in getting the code to log into to a secure web application using my login credienticals?

Thanks in advance :)


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

I am not in a position to help , but there are many others who can and will certainly help.

All you have to do is upload your workbook , which you use to store your data , and mention the Internet address of the webpage you use to login , as also your login credentials ; please do this only if your data is not confidential.

If the website access is not supposed to be disclosed to others , then the best way would be to get into a private conversation with a few members and then send them these details in your private conversation.


supriya madala

New Member
In Future, We are Going to update that's why "Everything you need to know about robotic process automation"
What is robotic process automation?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is defined by the Institute for Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) as ‘the application of technology allowing employees in a company to configure computer software or a ‘robot’ to capture and interpret existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems.’ In other words, it involves automating certain tasks or processes that manipulate data. While the definition of RPA as defined by IRPA is very broad and uses the word ‘robot’, real life RPA(RPA Training) has nothing to do with robots. Though the term ‘robotic process automation’ conjures up visions of an army of robots doing some human tasks, such as moving things or carrying out some other such physical labour, RPA does not have anything to do with robots themselves. It is a form of automation where intelligent software processes take over certain tasks that have typically been performed by human beings.

The readers may now be wondering how this is different from normal software processes involved in desktop automation, which typically do many tasks such as generating bar charts from data, or performing accounting calculations in Excel spreadsheets, typically performed by defining custom macros. Well, the difference comes from the fact that such simple automation scripts fail when there is a decision to be made and when there are a set of complicated steps to follow in order to achieve a task. Typically, desktop automation is limited to defining functions or macros that operate within an application. Let us consider an example from the financial services, namely, the accounts payable process. This is a critical function in all organisations. It includes reconciling the statements submitted by the vendors against the statements of the internal buying departments of an organisation. An organisation can buy goods and services from outside vendors. The purchase process is typically carried out by means of purchase orders. When the goods and services are received, the buying departments create the ‘received’ reports. The vendors or sellers of these goods and services then submit invoices for payment by the organisation. The reconciliation is carried out by a three-way process between the vendor invoices, received reports and the purchase orders.

sandeep sandy

New Member
It depends on multiple parameters. Each tool has their own limitation compared to other. So purely depends on what is a need for an Organisation in terms of Automation.

1. The convenience of Development – Blue Prism && UI

2. Citrix Support - Blue Prism & Ui Parth are equally Good

4. The simplicity of Deployment - UiPath & AA compile automation into EXE file.. equally good

3. Cost & Solution Delivery –

Blue Prism annual support costs and license cost are higher

UI path has a recording feature, very less coding - i.e Built in skill from the tool perspective.
Thank you.


New Member
let us discuss a brief on Robotics Process Automation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a practice of borrowing the machine learning and artificial intelligence skills and bringing them together to manage the high-volume and to accomplish the repetitive and monotonous tasks that were heretofore the human assistance – tasks such as transactions, queries and record maintenance.

The RPA technology has a systematic bot that imitates the human worker in completing the tasks with utmost care and accuracy and does wonder with its advanced and unparalleled virtual workforce. It is estimated that roughly 70%-80% of the business processes in an organization can be entirely automated with RPA, followed by the fact that large corporations do not have to depend on the outsource and offshore partners to fulfill the rather tedious tasks.

So as the importance of RPA is rapidly growing, the demand for it is skyrocketing like never before. Biggest business corporations are hiring professionals skilled in process automation tools. Now our Hope Tutors RPA training institute in Chennai would be the right choice to learn the best RPA training course.
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