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Ridding Excel of a macro


New Member
A program (X) installed a macro on Excel to allow the two programs to communicate. I uninstalled X, but the macro remained. Now, each time I start Excel, there is a dialogue box from Microsoft Visual Basic. It says "Run-time error 53."

I have tried choosing "Debug" and deleting the macros that Program X left behind, but the macros show up again as soon as I start Excel the next time.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
Sounds like you still have an Addin being looked for

Goto the Addin's section

File, Options, Addin's

Manage, Excel Addins, Go

Deselect the addin which you added.


New Member

I have tried that, but the TM macros (the now-deleted program was TM) are not on the list of Add-ins. I just figured out how to get the deletion to "stick" in the Visual Basic Editor.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
There are a number of ways that TM may have added this to excel at Startup

Does it happen when you start excel or just a particular file?

TM may have added a command to :

1. Your Personal.xlsx file

2. an Icon on your desktop or start menu (or both)

3. to the registry

You may need to browse through each of these in turn looking for the offending code

If you find your personal.xls/x file it is probably in the Workbook_Open subroutine