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Return Top X Items in Pivot Table Based on Alpha Order of Field


Hello all,

Is it possible to return the Top X values in a Pivot Table based on a on the alphabetical order of one of the fields?

For example, if you have "Last Name" in one of the Rows. And there are 1,000+ Last Names but I ONLY want the top 10 or 100 or however many last names - based on alphabetical order - does Excel allow that? I understand how to show the Top X number of results based on a field in the Values section, but haven't figured out how to do the aforementioned.

Any thoughts?

NOTE: I'm on a computer that isn't allowing me to post a sample file. Given the question, I'm hoping one isn't required.


Excel Ninja
Depends on type of pivot table, how you'd go about doing it.

Assuming standard pivot table using range/table as data source.
You can do this by sorting source table based on the field. Then adding index column (auto incremented row#).
Then you can simply filter for less than or equal to some number.
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Hi @Chihiro I appreciate that - that's the direction I was moving in and I'll just plan to do that as there's no issue with me creating an index column in my file. Much appreciated!