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Return Data from table

Hi All

I have the attached sheet. Detail are populated onto cells on Information Tab. Dependant on the infomation entered i need the amount from the table on Daily Light Tab.

Information tab -
cell C11 is Row 1 on Daily Light Tab
cell C13 is Column A on Daily Light Tab

I need the answer to these questions 1803.69 input on to Cell J12 on Information Tab.

Plese let me know if you require more information



Excel Ninja
Did you tried..

=INDEX('Daily Light'!B2:O26,MATCH(Information!$C13,'Daily Light'!A2:A26),MATCH(Information!C11,'Daily Light'!B1:O1,0))

PS.. Do you have any valid reason.. why data validation is from sheet 2..
It was just a sample file. The orginal is a lot bigger.
I need the tab to be decided on the answer from C7 on the information tab. So if Daily Light My2014 is selected it would INDEX this tab, if Daily Medium was selected it would INDEX that tab for example.