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Retrieve value for entire column

Kelly A

Ok here is the file. So I am appending the Direct POs query to the OTV RMA (which is the main query for transformation). Once I got to the Applied Step, Reordered Columns, I pulled up the Advanced Editor and pasted in the correct code, but I updated the table name and column. I am missing something. Thanks in advance!



Well-Known Member
Cannot see your queries nor source data as the source data is resident on your computer and not in the spreadsheet you have posted.

Kelly A

Ok so how shall I set it up? Put all data sources in the same workbook? I did try to do that and then go to Get Data, From Other Sources, from Table/Range but it only points to the current worksheet.

Kelly A

I ran across a simple answer using index feature with the following code:

Thank you for all your assistance with this, I do appreciate your help. Have a blessed weekend!