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Require to generate Output from Excel to Ppt.


Hello Friends,

Enclosed here zip file with two files.

1. Sample File - Sample Data.xls

a. First Sheet - Database
b. Secord to Forth Sheets - Output for Slide 1, Output for Slide 2 and Output for Slide 3

2. Output file Required - Output Sales Slides.ppt

This contains slidewise output generated in Sample Data.xls

Process :

User Need to Choose/type "Department" = as "Sales A" , "Sales B" etc.
For Sales B, in all three slides in Sample Data.xls, the required database gets ready for Sales B slides to be pasted in Power Point file (Output Sales Slides.ppt).


1. Require VBA help in generating Output Departmentwise i.e. Sales A, Sales B etc..
2. At the same time respective powerpoint slides be generated with data for each Department
3. The powerpoint to be saved in the name of Department e.g. "Sales A Analysis.ppt", "Sales B Analysis.ppt" etc.

Thanks nd Regards,