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[REQ] excel vba SIPOC creator


New Member
Hi guys,
hope everything is ok for you :)
i'm looking for a excel Template (vba or not) which could design a beautiful SIPOC (graphic one)

inputs are date in cells and in table as a SIPOC
output : something nice (ready to be paste in a ppt for exemple)

- Suppliers
- inputs
- process (main steps)
- outputs
- Customers

Process A
A Customer I1; I2; I3 tasks A1, A2, A3 OA1, OA2; OA3(end) Process B, Process C
B processA OA1 IA1 IA2 tasks B1,B2,B3,B4 OB1, OB2 (end) Process C
C OA2 task C1, C2 OC1(end) OC2(end) custumers

thanks a lot
all the best


Excel Ninja
I'd recommend that you upload sample workbook. With manually created end result, along with your sample data. Without it, we would be guessing as to what you actually need.

Alternately, just google "SIPOC Diagram Excel Template" and you will find plenty of examples.


Excel Ninja
Not sure what sort of change you are looking for...

Beauty is in eye of beholder as the saying goes.

See links for some templates found on net.