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Replace a value with different name


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I have attached the sample work book in this. In this I need for an employee if L is updated ie. leave is updated it need to be changed to PL1. If the same employee took 5 days leave it need to be updated from PL1 to PL5. After that if the employee takes leave it need to be changed to CL1,CL2....so on.

Thanks in advance



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You should reread
Seems that You have already forget some basic rules.


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I have attached the work book which is opening now. Yes i have done in other forum before coming here. I have read the site rules now which i understood. If i come to know the answer will post here so that others can also be benefited.

Thanks for your time and making me understand



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Please find this is working or not.
Hi S. Das,

Please refer to your answer, the helper column is not required.

Here's my formula solution using IF+COUNTIF function only.

In D12, formula copied across and down :


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S. Das

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Thanks bosco_yip. I missed this point. You are awesome as always.
But still, there is a drawback in my formula as well as your formula. Both formulas working without checking the employee name, just referring to the cell. How could this drawback be overcome?