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Renaming the Sheets in ascending order

I have data in the workbook, with 46 sheets. And I want to rename the sheet, starting from January 2016, to may 2019. Need VBA for the same. Format - January, February and so on.


Excel Ninja
Abhishek Pratap Singh
First You would like to rename sheets from January 2016 to may 2019.
Next ... You would like to rename those with format from January ... May ... hmm?
There can be once sheet names.
Do ALL sheets will rename?

Marc L

Excel Ninja
Restart from here (see in particular How to get the Best Results) :​


New Member
Hi Abhishek Pratap Singh,
try this code:

Sub RenameSheets()

    Dim ws     As Worksheet
    Dim i      As Integer
    Dim StartDate As Date

    StartDate = "01/01/2016"
    For i = 1 To ThisWorkbook.Worksheets.Count
        ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(i).Name = MonthName(Month(StartDate)) & " " & Year(StartDate)
        StartDate = DateAdd("m", 1, StartDate)
    End Sub