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Recovery schedule


New Member
Hi guys

I need help with the tab “Recovery Schedule” that should calculate recovery rates for Electricity, Rates and Water.

The tab “Data” is where most of the data is pulling from.

So, what I would like is to be able to select the name of the property on the first yellow tab, as well as the item for which I want to calculate a recovery rate, i.e. Electricity, Rates or Water.

Ideally these 2 selections on the yellow tab should pull through the data relating to the respective property and the item to be calculated.

Any ideas to make this work will be appreciated.



  • Recovery Report.xlsx
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Hi, yes have considered that but it's not really ideal as it does not provide % recovery rates. Unless if you may have a different kind of pivot that you can assist with?


If that was only Your challenge then check this sample's Sheet1 with provide % recovery rates.


  • Recovery Report.xlsx
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