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Quick Tips


Excel Ninja
To Share a tiny methods which facilitates itself with large tasks.
You are also welcomed to share the tips...

Merge Multiple txt/csv files if they having the same layouts.

Open notepad & copy below code to it.

copy *.txt all.txt
copy *.csv all.csv
Now Save it to as copy.bat in same directory where all txt/csv files are exists.

Double Click & Done...

It will merge the all txt/csv file in a single named all.txt/csv.

If you want to re- run the same then either delete or rename the all.txt/csv file before hitting the same else it will re-add the all files data in addition to what it already have.



Excel Ninja
Tip 2:-

If you are facing a issue where digits get converted to date format then you may follow the below!

Open VBE Editor by pressing Alt+F11

GoTo Immediate Window by Ctrl+G

Copy below code to there & hit enter.

ActiveWorkbook.Styles("Normal").NumberFormat = "General"
Done! Now Check.