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Quick Question: Blue icons MS-Excel Objects in VBA editor

Hey all,

Quick question,
What do the blue icons mean in the attached screenshot?
It breaks my file for some reason.

Although I have a back-up of the previous version, which doesn't have these blue icons, I would like to know what I did.

Michael van den Berg



Excel Ninja
Staff member
I've Never seen them and can't replicate them

So I've sent this to the experts and will revert as soon as I hear back...
Thanks Hui,

Apparently it is not that quick of a question after all :p.
Curious about the result though if even the Ninja doesn't know... must have screwed up big time.

I don't know enough about VBA behaviour to know if this is related or not, but I put a freeze pane / line below the headers of my main table. I call this table a lot in macro's with [tablename[header1]] and such. Maybe this is causing a problem?

If necessary I can supply a sample file later.


Luke M

Excel Ninja
A sample would be interesting. Like Hui, I've no idea what that is...curious as well to know more.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
From Daniel Ferry - MVP
"I've seen the worksheet object icons split like this before.
I do not know what causes it.
If I remember correctly, the fix is to copy the sheets to a new workbook."