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Hi Chandooooooooooooo.org... sounds like google results for me whenever I search for any answer or learn something new in your site. :)

BTW, I did not know where to ask this question so placing it in Lounge. Hope you will be see it.

in the home page of ask a question, you have tabs like latest question, latest replies, most viewed, most replied. Like wise can you also have 0 replies tab and still unresolved tab.

As many of the people (atleat like me) i will not go to "each forum type" to see any question that list in 2nd / subsequent pages, as only latest 20 questions gets displayed in home page.

Thanks in advance.

Prasad DN.
PS: ignore if already some links are there for the same, offlate i have not been active on this site.


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I have already asked Chandoo for this about a month ago, he is investigating if it is possible.



What board game, featuring black- and white-sided circular pieces, is named after a Shakespearean title character?